Centre for Russian, East-Central European and Post-Soviet Music Studies

The Centre for Russian, East-Central European and Post-Soviet Music Studies is thought of as the fulcrum of a network of scholars and institutions interested in the study of the music history of the countries of the former Soviet Union and their Eastern European neighbors. The Centre sees its main task in creating a permanent exchange of Eastern and Western musicological research via website and newsletter, offering regular programs for graduates and doctorands such as online lecture cycles, summer schools and workshops, as well as organizing conferences and publications.

Thanks to Dorothea Redepenning, the Musicological Seminary at Heidelberg University has been promoting research on Russian and Eastern European Music for some decades, this tradition is now being upheld by Christoph Flamm. The initiative is started together with Levon Hakobian, head of the department of music theory at the Russian State Institute of Art Studies.

It seems to us that, despite of all technological advancements and digital availability of publications, musicology in East and West is still not used enough to share its knowledge, yet a common discourse over the complex cultural heritage of these countries is indispensable in order to overcome old stereotypes and ideological prejudices on both sides, the more so since political tensions are increasingly threatening the cooperation between our nations. In such perspective, the overall aim of the Centre will be building bridges and facilitating cultural exchange.