Centre for Russian, East-Central European and Post-Soviet Music Studies


Ninth International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference "Music - Philosophy - Culture"

November 15-17, 2021

Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory
Scientific library and memorial museum "House of A. F. Losev"

To the 90th anniversary of S. A. Gubaidulina

The work of S. A. Gubaidulina stimulates the formulation of problems generated by contemporary music and art in a wide interdisciplinary context. Let's name just a few of these problems: national and international aspects, West and East, avant-garde and history, material and form, time and eternity, music and religion, meaning and technology, number and structure, word in a musical text, sound and modern instrumentation.
Within the framework of this conference, it is planned to discuss all the identified problems from different points of view: philosophical-aesthetic, cultural-historical, theoretical - in connection with the work of Gubaidulina, and in relation to various artistic phenomena, taking into account the reception and development of each aspect within different historical periods.

Organizing and program committee of the conference:

A. Sokolov - Chairman of the Organizing and Programming Committee,
Doctor of Arts, Professor, Rector of the Moscow Conservatory

K.V. Zenkin - Vice-Chairman of the Organizing and Programming Committee,
Doctor of Arts, Professor, Vice-Rector for Research of the Moscow Conservatory

E.A.Takho-Godi - Vice-Chairman of the Organizing and Programming Committee,
Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Department of the History of Russian Literature, Faculty of Philology, Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosov;
Head of the Department of the Library of the History of Russian Philosophy and Culture “House of A.F. Losev ";
Leading Researcher, Gorky Institute of World Literature of RAS.

O. V. Marchenko - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Russian State University for the Humanities, Professor of the Department of Humanities of the Moscow Conservatory

R.A.Nasonov - Candidate of Art Criticism, Associate Professor of the Moscow Conservatory

E,V. Rovenko - Candidate of Art Criticism, Associate Professor, Senior Research Fellow of the Moscow Conservatory.

Deadline for abstract submission is October 1, 2021

Email address for submission: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.