Centre for Russian, East-Central European and Post-Soviet Music Studies

Academic Music Editions: Tradition and Innovation, Knowledge and Ideas, Conflicts and Compromises

International symposium

November 16-17 (Tuesday-Wednesday) 2021

The conference will be held in hybrid form

State Institute for Art Studies

Tchaikovsky State House-Museum in Klin

CALL FOR PAPERS (in Russian)


Conference topics:

- the work of Russian composers as a unique heritage of Russia;

- publication of collected works: the current state in Russia and international practice;

- fundamental research and academic publications: from scientific discoveries to practical solutions;

- legal aspects of managing the rights of all types of creative and scientific activities in the publication and use of the composers legacy;

- source studies and textual criticism in music and literature, metological differences, research and museum experience;

- music archives: storage, cataloging, attribution and acquisition (including return to the ownership of the Russian Federation);

- scientific publications of music monuments as a practical result of source studies and textual research;

- historical practice of academic editions, perspectives of research and future publications.


On November 16, the meetings will be held at the State Institute for Art Studies (Moscow) and online,


On November 17, the meetings will be held at the Tchaikovsky State House-Museum in Klin (Moscow) and online.


Deadline for submissions is November 10, 2021

Please send your proposals to the Organizing Committee: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following information is required:
- surname, name,
- academic degree or title (if any),
- affialtion (indicating the position) or place of study (with indicating the faculty), or marked “independent
- email address, phone number,
- subject/topic of your report,
- short abstract,
- form of participation (in person or online).

Time limit for presentations: 20 minutes.
The organizing committee reserves the right to competitive selection of applications.