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  Boris Godunov: author’s versions, 1868–1874: piano vocal score : [in two volumes].


The piano vocal score of the opera "Boris Godunov" by M.P. Mussorgsky is first published in eight author's versions of 1868-1874. Scientific editors refused to divide the opera into stereotypical two author's editions, presenting at once eight musical and dramatic versions by Mussorgsky himself. The set of two volumes contains a large research apparatus and a critical report. In the musical and verbal text, for the first time, several hundred differences between the piano vocal score and the full score are shown, which makes this piano vocal score equally suitable both for solving theatrical and staging problems, and for use in educational practice not only in Russia, but also globally (all texts are translated in English, the vocal parts include Latin transliteration). For the first time, a consolidated libretto of the piano vocal score and the full score is published, subject to all discrepancies. It is intended for musicians-performers, students of music colleges and universities, researchers of M.P. Mussorgsky.

Ed. N.I. Teterina, E.M. Levashev. Moscow: State Institute of Art Studies, 2020. - Ill. - (Complete academic collected works / M.P. Mussorgsky; general scientific edition of E. Levashev; volume I: 468 p., volume II: 1008 p.)

ISBN 978-5-98287-153-4 ISMN 979-0-706441-14-6 (Volume I)

ISBN 978-5-98287-154-1 ISMN 979-0-706441-15-3 (Volume II)